Put the Wire Brush Wheel to Work for You

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One of the accessories Seago offers that always grabs people’s attention at shows is the Wire Brush Wheel on the Atom Professional Cart Path Edger. “What is that thing for?” is a common question.

The Wire Brush Wheel is specially designed to work with edging along asphalt, curbs or fence lines, in crevices or seems in concrete and brick or paver covered areas. Why the wire brush instead of blades or traditional sting? The answer is speed, consistency and ease of use.

Speed – The Atom Pro/CPE is the fastest walk-behind edger in the world to start with, and when using the Wire Brush Wheel on asphalt, you don’t lose any speed. The spinning brush pulls the edger along and all the operator needs to do is focus on keeping the machine straight. The power of the shaft drive Pro/CPE keeps the brush moving at a high rate of speed to quickly clip the grass and leave a good clean edge.

Consistency – The stiffness of the Wire Brush Wheel insures a clean and crisp edge even if the pathway is uneven. Since the wire brush wears evenly and very slowly, there are no rapid adjustment needed to compensate for broken line. In addition, the wire lasts so much longer than the nylon line it isn’t even fair to compare – you can get 25-40 MILES of edging done with a single brush.

Ease of Use – Because of the unique wheelbarrow design of the Atom edger, the weight of the machine is on the wheel so the operator isn’t carrying any weight. The forward rotation of the wire brush blade pulls the machine along and the operator gets the sensation of holding the machine back and therefor has outstanding control. The wheel is adjustable so the Atom can always be at a comfortable working level for the operator.

While the wire brush wheel may look odd, it is a great accessory that increases the versatility of the Atom Pro/Cart Path Edger. It is one of the only ways I know to quickly and easily edge or clean asphalt, pavers, brick, concrete joints etc. Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.

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