Atom Golf Bunker Edger

The Atom Golf Bunker Edger was designed to fill the need for fast, safe and neat bunker edging. Developed in conjunction with Golf Course Superintendents from Australia and around the world, this edger leaves a beautiful, sharp and professional finish in a fraction of the time needed when using reciprocators or stick edgers. Armed with a powerful, full crank, commercial 35cc 4-stroke HOnda engine and 17 1/4″ blade that cuts to a depth of 7″, the Atom Golf Bunker Edger easily edges while cutting through soil to sever grass runners. Even heavily overgrown bunkers can be trimmed in one pass. Its singular design and sturdy construction make the Atom Golf Bunker Edger an outstanding value that will save time and money in a critical maintenance area. Put the Atom Golf Bunker Edger to work and see instant results on the course and lasting savings in the budget.

  • Fully enclosed guard – reduces exposure to rotating blade
  • Large debris deflector – reduces flying debris
  • Centrifugal safety clutch – blade only turns when throttle is applied
  • Dead Mans Throttle Trigger – blade stops when operator’s hand lets go
  • Safety throttle trigger interlock – trigger cannot be accidentally operated
  • Fully enclosed transmission – shaft and gears are fully covered.
  • A gripping wheel disc reduces the chances of the edger from slipping on sloping bunker faces.
  • Screened left and right view ports allow operator to see cutting edge (see inset photo).
  • Lightweight – No carrying or bending required so there is little strain on the operator’s body.
  • Operator is well away from rotating blade. handle cross-brace acts as a protective barrier.
  • WEIGHT: 26.5 lbs
  • ENGINE: Full crank commercial 35cc Honda 4-stroke engine
  • BLADE: 17″ hardened spring steel
  • GEARS: Spiral bevel 3.5:1 reduction gears
  • SHAFT: Solid steel precision ground transmission shaft
  • CASING: Reinforced super-strength polyamide casing
  • BEARINGS: Precision ground bearings used throughout
  • WHEELS: Dual 6″ rubber tired wheels with two sealed bearings in each wheel
  • HANDLES: Tubular steel anti-vibration handles with cross-brace for extra stability
  • CLUTCH: Heavy-duty automatic centrifugal clutch
Hover mower, Bunker Edger, Hover Trimmer, Bowdry, Striping mower

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Hover mower, Bunker Edger, Hover Trimmer, Bowdry, Striping mower

Bunker Edger Manual

Hover mower, Bunker Edger, Hover Trimmer, Bowdry, Striping mower

Honda Engine Manual

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