• Show Season is Upon Us

    As everyone in the industry knows it is show season.  It is a great time to connect with dealers, customers, potential customers, old friends, new friends and other vendors who you generally see at trade shows, dealer meetings, demo days etc.  This year I have three in a row – STMA, FenceTech and the GIS.  There is a 24 day stretch where I am home only four days and I am OK with that – ...

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  • Tips of the Trade: Irrigation Break

    In most places except in the mid-west the sprinklers are running at full blast.  With more water running through the pipes and fittings, that means more of a chance of breaks.  Nothing is worse than having to dig up a big area of grass that is in pretty good shape just to get the water out of the way to fix the problem.  Or, if the water is still running then there isn’t a good ...

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  • The Magnificent Seven Rides for Charity

    Maybe it is too much time in front of the TV, but I love movies and remember too much about too many.  I can’t remember the names of people thirty second after meeting them, but I can pull out movie lines like nobody’s business.  It makes me good at trivia games and fun at parties, but it doesn’t help at trade shows.   One of my favorite movies ...

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