• The Hi-Lift Kit

    Innovation through teamwork – how working together made the new Hi-Lift kit for the Air Force F-19 Hover Mower a winner:  When we set out to design a new Hi-Lift kit for the F-19 from Air Force Hover Mowers we wanted to make sure we got it right.  Through great collaboration with golf course Superintendents and mechanics, our designers and engineers and our fabricators, we accomplished those three goals in spades.

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  • Hover Trimmer

    The Hover Trimmer is dynamic attachment that turns any professional grade string trimmer into a beast.  The four edge blade will cut through thick or thin, dense or sparse, wet or dry with ease.  All the while, the protective cover shields the operator from almost all debris AND creates a hover effect that actually makes the machine feel lighter and reduces fatigue. The key is the ...

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  • Bow Dry

      The BowDry is a revolutionary ground drying machine that is designed to efficiently and effectively remove standing water from any surface. It is strong, light weight, quiet, easy to use and a “green” machine. The four wheel chassis evenly distributes weight to keep the turf in pristine condition while clearing the water.  In addition, the durable foam roller is also incredibly turf friendly ...

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