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The BowDry is a revolutionary ground drying machine that is designed to efficiently and effectively remove standing water from any surface. It is strong, light weight, quiet, easy to use and a “green” machine. The four wheel chassis evenly distributes weight to keep the turf in pristine condition while clearing the water.  In addition, the durable foam roller is also incredibly turf friendly while efficiently removing water.

The BowDry has a myriad of uses from real grass to artificial turf, tennis courts and baseball fields, pool sides and event areas, golf greens and running tracks. For any facility, school, golf course, sports complex or country club, the BowDry gets you back on dry ground fast and easy.  Don’t let sudden downpours or an afternoon thunderstorm ruin and event, game, match or tournament – BowDry will get you back to playable conditions in no time.

The BowDry arrives almost completely assembled. Simply attach the handle, adjust the squeegee bar and you are ready to go.

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