• Tips of the Trade: Irrigation Break

    In most places except in the mid-west the sprinklers are running at full blast.  With more water running through the pipes and fittings, that means more of a chance of breaks.  Nothing is worse than having to dig up a big area of grass that is in pretty good shape just to get the water […]

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  • Part Two: Mowers Make Sense

    In the last blog post I mentioned taking a look at Spyker and Masport as VALUE ORIENTED brands when comparing them to other machines.  Both are different in the way they stack up against their competition but they share the same DNA of VALUE for the dollar.   Looking at Masport and the three of […]

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  • The Hi-Lift Kit

    Innovation through teamwork – how working together made the new Hi-Lift kit for the Air Force F-19 Hover Mower a winner:  When we set out to design a new Hi-Lift kit for the F-19 from Air Force Hover Mowers we wanted to make sure we got it right.  Through great collaboration with golf course Superintendents […]

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  • Hover Trimmer

    The Hover Trimmer is dynamic attachment that turns any professional grade string trimmer into a beast.  The four edge blade will cut through thick or thin, dense or sparse, wet or dry with ease.  All the while, the protective cover shields the operator from almost all debris AND creates a hover effect that actually makes […]

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  • Masport Olympic 660 Reel Mower

    With the STMA show just about here, I want to focus on one of our machines that is a perfect fit for the sport turf market place – The Olympic 660 Reel Mower from Masport. The Olympic is a 26” wide reel mower for an excellent cut on infields and specialty areas.  Its six blade […]

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  • Tips of the Trade: Extend the Life of Your Engine

    When using the Allen 418H or 421H on a steep slope, there is a trick that I have learned from mechanics and superintendents that will help extend the life of the engine. This is going to sound a little odd, but try using two-stroke fuel in the Honda GCV-160 engine. Here is why this helps: […]

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