Tips of the Trade

  • Tips of the Trade: Irrigation Break

    In most places except in the mid-west the sprinklers are running at full blast.  With more water running through the pipes and fittings, that means more of a chance of breaks.  Nothing is worse than having to dig up a big area of grass that is in pretty good shape just to get the water […]

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  • You Usually Get What You Pay For

    A few years ago I was in the audience for a panel discussion put on by one of the Golf Industry magazine.  The panel consisted of seven Superintendents from different types of course (private, semi-private, resort, municipal and public) with varying budgets levels.  It is important to note that this is pre-recession so the golf […]

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  • Hover Trimmer

    The Hover Trimmer is dynamic attachment that turns any professional grade string trimmer into a beast.  The four edge blade will cut through thick or thin, dense or sparse, wet or dry with ease.  All the while, the protective cover shields the operator from almost all debris AND creates a hover effect that actually makes […]

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  • Tips of the Trade: Extend the Life of Your Engine

    When using the Allen 418H or 421H on a steep slope, there is a trick that I have learned from mechanics and superintendents that will help extend the life of the engine. This is going to sound a little odd, but try using two-stroke fuel in the Honda GCV-160 engine. Here is why this helps: […]

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