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The Hi-Lift Kit

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Innovation through teamwork – how working together made the new Hi-Lift kit for the Air Force F-19 Hover Mower a winner:  When we set out to design a new Hi-Lift kit for the F-19 from Air Force Hover Mowers we wanted to make sure we got it right.  Through great collaboration with golf course Superintendents and mechanics, our designers and engineers and our fabricators, we accomplished those three goals in spades.


We got a lot of feedback from our Allen Hover Mower customers that had used the Hi-Rise kit we built for that machine and they said they wanted it easy to mount, easier to clean, less parts to keep track of and finally a much better fit.  So, the first thing our designers did was build the kit supports right into the ring.  No need for any additional spacers; Request one solved.  The next thing we tackled was mounting.  The first drawing had bolt and nuts that required drilling through the deck.  I suggested some slip over clips so we wouldn’t have to drill and our designers jumped on that idea and took it to the next level.  They designed and implemented a clip design that stays attached to the ring and make putting on and taking off the Hi-Lit kit a 30 second operation with no tools needed; Request two, three and four solved.  The last and most important request was a tight fit that didn’t interrupt air flow and reduce performance.  Our designers worked with our molders to raise the inner wall of the Hi-Lift kit so that it fits snug against the inner wall of the F-19 deck.  This helps keep the kit secure under the mower AND greatly reduces any air flow lost; request 5 solved.


Like any new design project, it took a lot of e-mails, phone calls, design reviews and approvals before the finished product was ready for sale.  But the finished product is an attachment that quickly, easily and effectively raises the maximum height of cut on the Air Force F-19 from 2.5 inches to almost 4.  There are no loose parts on the kit and it attaches or detaches in seconds with no tools.  We used ideas from everyone involved in the process and the result is fantastic.  If you need a little extra height of cut with your F-19 from Air Force, or your existing hover mowers aren’t giving the height of cut and/or the performance you want, give us a call and put Blue to work for you.

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