Seago International

Seago International, Inc. is a family owned company that has been in the specialized equipment business for over 30 years. Founded in Maryland in 1981, Seago expanded operations and relocated to Florida in 1996, then to Hickory, NC in 2006.

An acronym for Specialized Equipment And Golf Operations, Seago is the worldwide distributor for Air Force Hover Mowers as well as the North and South American distributor for Atom Golf Bunker Edgers, Atom Professional (Cart Path and Baseline) Edgers, Atom Domestic and Deluxe Edger, Atom Tillers, the BowDry, the Hover Trimmer, Koshin Pumps, Masport Mowers and Tillers, and Spyker Spreaders.  Seago specializes in finding products here in the United States as well as Ireland, England, Australia and New Zealand, and selling them through an outstanding collection of dealers and sub-distributors worldwide.

“We focused on the quality of the product and searched for dealers who were the leading suppliers for Golf and Turf Products in a specific territory.”  states current Owner and President Scott Sweeney.  “Seago began by distributing one product in a specific area of the U.S. and now we distribute over 50 products from seven manufacturers from around the globe. With over 100 dealers in their North and South American dealer network, and other sub-distributors in countries around the world, Seago covers the Americas and reaches all corners of the world”

Scott Sweeney, a retired Air Force Officer, joined Seago in 2001 after earning a MBA and spending eight years in the publishing business. Scott completed purchase of the company and became President in 2004.  “Our growth has been based on pairing specialized, high quality products with outstanding dealers. As we find unique products that can benefit golf course superintendents, sports turf managers, grounds maintenance and landscape professionals, we will continue to invest in bringing them to the market place.”

Seago International, Inc. is headquartered in North Carolina and is the distributor for Air Force Hover Mowers, Atom Edgers and Tillers, the BowDry, the Hover Trimmer, Koshin Pumps, Masport Mowers and Tillers, the PortaPump and Spyker Spreaders.   Phone: 800-780-9889.

History – Atom Industries

Atom Industries has been manufacturing innovative products for many years. Their award winning inventions are sold to over 30 countries worldwide.

In 1961, Atom began importing back-sprayers and chainsaws into Australia. In 1963, their first invention was a drilling attachment with automatic reverse gear that fitted onto chainsaws. This drill attachment is still sold today as the Auger-stop model.

In 1972, Atom manufactured their own chainsaws and was the worlds first chainsaw company to have its complete range of chainsaws with electronic ignition (patented), turbo action self cleaning air cleaner (patented), as well as Atoms (patented) Anti-Vibration system fitted to most models. These features are now standard on most chainsaws sold today as the patents had expired many years ago for the air cleaner. The Atom chainsaw ceased production in 1976.

Atoms patented Electronic Ignition System has been and still is used on many Original Engine Manufactures (OEM) engines in Europe, USA and Asia. The Ignition Module was also developed as a spare part to replace points and condensers in small engines, and many millions have been and are sold worldwide. In 1975, they were awarded “Inventor of the Year” for this product on the ABC program “The Inventors”.

Atom then developed and in 1995 manufactured the patented design Atom Lawn Edger. Within three years, Atom has become the largest selling lawn edger in Australia. It won the 1995 Product of the Year voted by Power Equipment Australia magazine for the Domestic model, 1996 Product of the Year for the Professional model, and also won in 1997 the Vermeil Silver/Gold medal at the International Inventors Convention in Geneva, Switzerland.

In June 1998 a new electric model was released. Other models are being developed including a specially designed edger for edging around sand traps on golf courses.

History – Allen Power Equipment

The origins of Allen Power Equipment Limited can be traced back to 1868, since which time the company has enjoyed a reputation as a pioneer in the industry. Based in Oxfordshire, England, with manufacturing facilities in Wiltshire and Lancashire, Allen Power Equipment offer specialist outdoor power equipment providing solutions to golf superintendents and landscapers alike.

Allen is perhaps best known for the Allen Hover Mower. In addition to hover mowers, Allen is a leading manufacturer of specialized Turf Equipment. Based in England, Allen is also a major importer of American products that are then distributed throughout the United Kingdom through their extensive dealer network.

In 2006, Allen Hover Mowers were purchased by Hayter which is a division of Toro.

History of the Hover Mower

Sir William Cockerell, a British scientist and inventor in the late 1950s, designed a high speed hovercraft The SRN1 Car ferry capable of carrying over 100 motor vehicles at over 50 miles per hour across the English Channel, from Dover England to Calais France, this being the busiest ferry crossing in the World. The US Military has since further developed this machine for the Marine Corps who needed a fast maneuverable ship to lead assaults capable of “flying” across rivers and up beaches and capable of rapid deployment of men and machines.

The first Hover Mower was reportedly invented by a Swede by the name of Karl Dahlman in 1964. Originally powered by a 2-stroke Italian engine, the Hover Mower was available in only a 19″ model, but by the late 60’s an electric model was added to the line. Flymo was the name for the mower and has since become the generic name for Air Cushioned Hover Mowers.

Flymo was introduced to the United States in the late 60’s under the slogan “Mowing made easy on a cushion of air.” Ongoing quality, distribution and legal issues led to the demise of the company’s sales in North America. Flymo continues to be a very strong brand name in Europe. It has essentially retreated completely from the domestic landscape.

The Allen Hover Mower first appeared in 1982 under the name Crown Hover Mowers. The Allen Hover Mower was first designed and built by the Templar Tillers Company in the United Kingdom. Using the same air cushion idea seen in the Flymo machines, Templer Tiller improved on the performance and durability of hover mowers with a newer deck design and by using commercial grade materials (like ABS Plastic) in manufacturing.

Since that time, Allen has continually set the standard for commercial grade hover mowers. Allen is the innovative leader in the field developing the first attachable Hi-Rise Kit, the Tri-Cut Disc Blade Cutting System, introducing ergonomically designed handles and wheel transportation kits. Most recently, Allen has teamed with Honda to introduce 4-stroke engines to the hover mower. Allen Hover Mowers were available with 4-stroke Honda engines almost a full year before any other manufacturers followed suit. Now, the Honda 4-stroke engine is the industry standard.



The name of Hayter has been synonymous with British grass cutting for over 60 years. As a pioneer of the rotary lawnmower, the company has become a household name with both the serious gardener and professional user.

Many significant mowers have emanated from the site in Spellbrook, a hamlet between Harlow and Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire. Today Hayter manufactures a wide range of grass cutting equipment, satisfying the demands of loyal customers.

In Hayter, modern technology has not replaced traditional skills. Rather the two are combined in a powerful recipe where each compliments the other. Many of the processes may be computer controlled but this does not supplement the skills of the practiced hand and critical eye, which act together to produce quality.

Quality is a way of life, and Hayter strive constantly to maintain and improve the standards upon which its reputation has been gained.

Hayter appreciates the loyalty of its customers and such loyalty gets a reciprocal commitment from the company. Supported by up to date product information and electronic systems, the network of dealers is capable of satisfying customer needs quickly, accurately and efficiently. Customer satisfaction is what the partnership of Hayter and dealer strive to attain.

Since 2005 Hayter has been owned by The Toro Company based in Minneapolis , USA . Toro is a leading global manufacturer of high quality grass cutting equipment for golf courses, landscape contractors and homeowners. Since acquiring Hayter, Toro has invested significant funds to further improve the existing manufacturing facility at Spellbrook.

Looking to the future, Hayter is well placed to build on its 60 years of success. At the root of this positive future will be Hayter’s desire to continue its culture of being ‘Makers of The Finest Mowers’