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Hover Trimmer

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The Hover Trimmer is dynamic attachment that turns any professional grade string trimmer into a beast.  The four edge blade will cut through thick or thin, dense or sparse, wet or dry with ease.  All the while, the protective cover shields the operator from almost all debris AND creates a hover effect that actually makes the machine feel lighter and reduces fatigue.

The key is the harmony between the blade shape and the hood.  This combination increases air flow and creates lift under the hood.  This lift allows the Hover Trimmer to move almost effortlessly through even thick brush.  The sharp blades make quick work of tough brush or groomed turn in no time.

Because the Hover Trimmer uses a blade, there is no string line to replace so this machine is not only faster and more efficient that string trimmer heads, it costs less in the long run and is far more environmentally safe.  So go fast, go safe, go clean and go green with Hover Trimmer.

The Hover Trimmer will attach to any brand of straight shaft string trimmer in a matter of minutes.  Simply remove the string head and take of the lower gear box (usually two screws), then slide on the Hover Trimmer hood and tighten, re-install the lower gear box and attaché the blades.  You are then good to go and use the speedy, efficient and safe Hover Trimmer to increase productivity.

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