Air Force Hover Mower F-15

Our guys always grab the Air Force Hover Mower because it floats the best!

~ Mike (Beverly Country Club)

Air Force Hover Mower F-15

This is a 15” wide machine that weighs less than 25 lbs. and is powered by an EPA approved 2-stroke, 60cc engine.  In the small hover mower class, the F-15 is the lightest machine, but it has the most powerful engine – a great combination.  Also, a 2-stroke means no angle limitations so steep slope mowing is back in fashion.  Maximum height of cut is about 3” and the machine features our Stainless Steel Blade System.


F15-Front Angle

Light weight performance – 22 lbs

15 inch wide cut

Height of cut = 1 to 2 3/4 inches

Runs 45 minutes per tank of fuel

Two stroke motor for all angle mowing

Long, 50 inch, handles for extended reach

ABS-injected molded plastic deck (coasted for UV & chemical resistance).

Standard with Stainless Steel Blade Cutting System


                          Stainless Steel                                                                         (Optional ) QC Blade




Black Engine Manual Click to Download

Red Engine Click to Download