Air Force Hover Mower F-15

Our guys always grab the Air Force Hover Mower because it floats the best!

~ Mike (Beverly Country Club)

Air Force Hover Mower F-15

This is a 15” wide machine that weighs less than 25 lbs. and is powered by an EPA approved 2-stroke, 60cc engine.  In the small hover mower class, the F-15 is the lightest machine, but it has the most powerful engine – a great combination.  Also, a 2-stroke means no angle limitations so steep slope mowing is back in fashion.  Maximum height of cut is about 3” and the machine features our Stainless Steel Blade System.


Light weight performance – 22 lbs

15 inch wide cut

Height of cut = 1 to 2 3/4 inches

Runs 45 minutes per tank of fuel

Two stroke motor for all angle mowing

Long, 50 inch, handles for extended reach

ABS-injected molded plastic deck (coasted for UV & chemical resistance).

Standard with Stainless Steel Blade Cutting System


    Stainless Steel


 Quick Change blades


  Flex Blades



Black Engine Manual Click to Download

Red Engine Click to Download