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I found the right mower, and it was easy to get it through Seago.  I like it first for its ability to handle rough cutting with authority, and second for being a utility mower that also gives a fine finish cut at 1″ as you can see.  It really flings clippings, but the guard plate will deflect potential projectiles to ground.  I expect long life from the iron-bore engine, and it’s easy to keep the deck clean.Having used a variety of commercial units, this time I wanted something with a simple design and a high quality finish. The Masport 800 Utility is perfect.  Thanks for carrying it.

~Tom Chappell (Durham, NC)

Seago offers two 21” wide rotary mowers packed with features that greatly increase versatility and productivity.

For more than 100 years, Masport has been producing high quality, highly innovative products for the world market.  Available in the United States for the first time, Masport brings their long and proud history of quality, reliability, innovation in a value priced selection of mowers for golf, commercial and even consumer use.

Masport - M800ST - 850 EngineThis model of Masport is also features a 21” wide cutting area and many of the operator friendly features that are available on Masport’s Alloy model and far more expensive models from other manufacturers.

The strength of the M800ST starts with the 14 gauge steel deck.  Using the most advanced manufacturing techniques available today, this strong deck is paired with a 190cc Briggs and Stratton 850Pro series, commercial grade engine for outstanding performance and durability.

Several features set the M800ST apart from the competition starting with the 3 for 1 discharge options of rear bag, side discharge or mulch.  Also standard is the single handle height adjustment and the other standard features listed above.  Specific to the M800ST is the upturned operating handle, adjustable cam locks on the handles and single mow zone for getting close to the edge of whatever area you are mowing.  The M800ST is backed with a one-year warranty and comes completely assembled.


Masport - M800 Utility

The M800 Utility mower from Masport is an incredibly durable 21” walk-behind push mower.  This is a bit of a throwback to when mowers that weren’t too expensive were meant to last several years and not just a single season.  The M800 Utility is powered by a 190cc Briggs and Stratton motor from their commercial 850 Series.  This engine is larger than any other in this mower class and it is backed by a full one-year commercial use warranty.  The rest of the machine is commercial as well – the 12 gauge steel deck offer unmatched durability and the rugged external frame offers rigidity to withstand tough use.  Single handle height of cut adjustment between 1-4 inches and adjustable bearings on all wheels insures easy operation.  Priced right and built to last, the M800 Utility represents value.


Chassis Material                     Heavy Duty Steel
Cutting Methods                      Side Discharge Only
Cutting Width                          21″
Cutting System                       Masport Bar Blade System
Number of Blades                    1
Engine Make                           Briggs & Stratton
Engine Model                          OHV Series 850 IC
Engine Capacity                      190cc
Power Rating (Torque)              8.5ft/lb or 11.5Nm
Starting System                       Ready Start™
Drive System                           Push
Wheel Type & Size                  MSV® Mag 8″ Front and 8″ Rear
Wheel Bearing Type                 Adjustable Dual Ball
Upper Handlebar Type              Upturned with Soft Grip and OPC Controls
Lower Handlebar Type              Reinforced
Handlebar Retainer                  Camlocks
Cutting Height Range               1″ to 4″
Cutting Height Adjustment        Single Point
Weight                                    73 lbs



All Masport mowers are equipped with the following features that really separate them from other brands:


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  • Single Handle Height Adjustment:  A single lever raises and lowers the entire machine.  No other wheel adjustment is needed.  It keeps the mower level and you never have to worry about a dragging wheel.
  • Three cutting options: Rear Bag, Side Discharge or Mulch.  All Masport mowers come with all three options and any accessories you need to do all three.
  • Four-stroke Engines: Reliable Briggs and Stratton power
  • Adjustable Wheel Bearings: Threaded axle and nut for easy adjustment.
  • Mowzone:  The wheels are inset to allow the blade to extend past the wheel for ease of mowing up to obstacles like fences and buildings etc.
  • Gearbox: Masport uses quality “General Transmission” gearboxes in all models for smooth performance and durability.
  • Aero-catcher Grass Bag:  Thick and durable plastic and fabric are combines for an extra-large catcher that can hold over 2 ¼ cubic feet (65 litres) of clippings.

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