What People Are Saying

PortaPump Junior

We used the PortaPump Junior in some bunkers today for the first time as we prepped the course for a qualifying tournament for the Indiana Amateur.  It did a fine job.  It is nice to know we will have this unit available for future events.

~Chris Thuer (Bear Slide Golf Club)


AirForce Hover Mower

We picked up a fleet of Air Force hover mowers that were made by Seago. By far the best that I have ever used. The Air Force hover mowers have the metal blades with the operator bail. They also have height adjustment rings which is nice.

~Chris Hickman (Superintendent of Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort Larchwood, Iowa)


  Our guys always grab the Air Force Hover Mower because it floats the best!

~ Mike (Beverly Country Club)

Masport Home Gardener

  The rest of the world is missing a great machine if they have not tried one of these. The weight distribution makes the balance of the machine work so well. There was no bounce or strain on the machine, and I was able to go easily between plants throughout the garden.

If anyone has any questions regarding how well this machine works, just have them drop me a line.

Some will say it’s a little pricey, but for the work it is intended for, it’s a bargain. Personally, as I have about 2.5 acres of garden, this tiller will be a blessing as I feel my time is worth quite a bit. Thanks for the great service and for having the foresight to offer this machine.

~ Tony H. (Knoxville, TN)