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Tips of the Trade: Irrigation Break

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In most places except in the mid-west the sprinklers are running at full blast.  With more water running through the pipes and fittings, that means more of a chance of breaks.  Nothing is worse than having to dig up a big area of grass that is in pretty good shape just to get the water out of the way to fix the problem.  Or, if the water is still running then there isn’t a good way to find where the break is.


Enter the two PortaPump machines from Seago.  The PortaPump is a completely self-contained pump station – Honda powered and incredibly efficient.  The flexible front hose will fit in and under most any framework, piping, obstruction and/or through small openings and at 33 GPM, it makes fast work of any water issues.  The machine is so powerful that it will pump over a 30 ft. rise or through 100 feet of hose without losing any pressure.  This lightweight, portable and powerful.  No two person lift and priming hose needed – just one person can take this machine out and have the water out of the way in no time.

PortaPump Golf

If the full size PortaPump is too much then perhaps this machine little brother, the PortaPump Junior, will fill the bill.  This is a portable pump head that can be attached to the end of any existing string trimmer or brush cutter.  Made from stamped metal parts and molded plastic fittings, this is a real pump that has a capacity of up to 30 GPM.  For just a couple of hundred dollars, the PortaPump Junior can make fast work of standing water AND give new life to a forgotten string trimmer that has been laying in the back of the small equipment area.

PortaPump JR - ss screen

There are two types of irrigation breaks – those that have happened and those that are going to happen.  Some can be prevented, but some just happen.  When those that just happen do, be prepared.  Politicians and athletes never seem to learn that it is the cover up that gets them into far more trouble than the initial error, lapse in judgment or misstatement.  Irrigation breaks are the same way, the repair can sometimes be worse than the break.  So let the PortaPump family help put the fix in.

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