• The NEW F-19 Gen 3, we have taken everything we have learned from our customers and over 30 years of distributing and building hover mowers and put it into a machine.   The changes to this machine are in key areas that will improve performance and durability.  The F-19 Gen 3 is much lighter and now stronger than ever.  The new Nylon Injected Polymer deck will is flexible and tough.  The new Ducar engine is light yet powerful and increased air flow means this machine will be easier on your team.  This 19 inch Air Force Hover Mower was designed based on a simple manufacturing principle – when you use the best materials, the most advanced engineering, and manufacturing techniques available, the product will be the best on the market. That is what makes Air Force Hover Mowers fly above the competition. As always, Air Force offers the most blade options on the market and it is backed by a one-year limited warranty. Air Force Hover Mowers not only maximize the value of your investment in your equipment, it also efficiently maximizes the time and effort put into your turf care needs.
  • The NEW F-15 Gen 3 is a 15” wide hover mower powered by an EPA approved 2-stroke, 60cc engine.  It weighs 25 lbs. and is very easy to operate, transport, clean and maintain.  The powerful 2-stroke engine paired with this lightweight machine give the F-15 the best power to weight ratio in the industry which means excellent float and cutting power. The GEN 3 model features and new nylon injected polymer deck that is 3X stronger than previous models.  The new deck is wider in the front to promote more mowing stability and consistency.  Also, the new deck design now allows for a clip-on Hi-Lift Kit which take the max. height of cut to 3 ½ inches if needed.   Engine improvements include a new 2X tall air filter and vertical intake to keep more debris out of the carburetor and a stronger starter.  Also new is a strengthened operator shut of handle at the top as well as a padded carrying handle for easy transport. With the Gen 3, Air Force has listened to our customers to bring the very best in small platform hover mowers to the market.
  • The award-winning Atom Deluxe model lawn edger is a premium model lawn edger suitable for the home owner. Its luxury features include a quality, easy to start, quiet operating Honda 25cc 4-stroke engine that is very fuel efficient and has low exhaust emissions. There is no having to mix oil with petrol. Its highly maneuverability wheelbarrow action means you can edge along curbs and gutters, around tight corners, garden plots, and by simply tilting the edger sideways you can edge up against walls and fences. The Atom Deluxe edger is also suitable for the elderly, or people with back problems as there is no carrying or bending required. It is also light in weight, and can be stored away taking up very little room. It has a powerful 26cc 2-stroke EZ-start engine with Advanced Starting Technology (AST). This eliminates the need for a strong fast pull of the starter cord. An almost effortless slow easy pull starts the engine. The long 271mm (10 2 / 3 ) hardened spring steel 4-blade cutting system lasts a long time. In addition, voted 1995 Product of the Year by Power Equipment Australasia Magazine and winner of the Vermeil Silver/Gold medal at the International Inventions Convention in Geneva Switzerland in 1997, the lightweight heavy duty Atom Domestic lawn edger cuts neat clean edges anywhere, quickly and easily.
  • The Atom Professional Cart Path Edger is a highly maneuverable, incredibly fast and easy to use edger designed and built by the leading edger manufacturer in Australia. Armed with a powerful, full crank, commercial 35cc 4-stroke Honda engine, the Atom Edger is powerful enough to tackle even the most overgrown areas in just one pass. Built to commercial standards and using through hardened spring steel blades, the Atom Professional Cart Path Edger is a very durable, time saving machine. Speed, control and safety are why the Atom Professional Cart Path Edger is so impressive. The patented overlapping 4-blade cutting system combined with the powerful engine gives the Atom Edger unprecendented speed – 90% faster than traditional edgers. Also, the unique wheelbarrow design also makes the Atom incredibly maneuverable. Finally, the Safety Throttle Interlock, fully enclosed blade guard and debris deflector make the Atom the safest edger on the market.
  • Our new innovative Rotary Atom Tiller is the worlds first and only Gold medal winning Tiller. It has many outstanding patented features that recently won Atom a Gold medal at the prestigious INTERNATIONAL INVENTIONS & NEW TECHNOLOGY CONVENTION in Geneva, Switzerland. We also received the rarely given special recommendations from the international judging panel. Its breakthrough ergonomic design makes it easy to operate by anyone who wishes to establish a vegetable garden, or to till garden soils. Its heavy duty all bearing drive gives maximum torque to the tines and turns the soil with ease, even in hard ground, faster and with less effort compared with other brand tillers/cultivators.
  • The Masport Rotarola is a rear roller rotary mower that delivers a crisp and clean stripe and superior mowing performance. This machine gives you the appearance of a reel cut with the low cost of purchase, operation and maintenance of a rotary mower. Self-propelled and powered by the Professional Series 850 Briggs and Stratton engine, the Rotarola is easy to use and has plenty of power and durability. Also, the Rotarola is backed by a one-year commercial warranty from top to bottom.
  • Mini/Midi/Maxi Postmaster Post Driver — Selling direct only at this time, please call for information

    This unit is designed for use on small excavators with a standard double acting circuit and can withstand back pressure up to 30BAR. The Mini-Postmaster fits directly to the bucket pins and only requires 2 hoses for operation. These hoses fit the standard couplers. The unit has a hydraulic post clamp, this allows the post to be clamped for installation and/or withdrawal. The jaws can be opened and closed by applying forward or reverse flow. For extra accuracy, it can also be mast mounted on 2.5T – 3T excavators. The MPM series vibrators represent the use of the latest manufacturing techniques to produce affordable machines for smaller-scale users. The advantage of vibrating the posts into the ground with the Mini Postmaster offers a quicker and more accurate solution than the use of a falling weight. A pilot hole will allow larger posts to be driven, e.g. gateposts, and smaller posts can be driven in rocky soils. The posts are able to take full load immediately and there is the added benefit that they can be quickly removed if necessary.
  • The PortaPump is an outstanding machine designed so that a single person can clear large or small quantities of water from areas quickly and easily. The 33 GPM trash pump is powered by a commercial grade 35cc Honda engine- the PortaPump has plenty of power to get the job done fast. It is self-priming, quiet, efficient and incredibly easy to use. The PortaPump has uses in many different markets from golf courses to commercial landscapers to municipalities to sports complexes, this machine solve a myriad of water problems fast.
  • The PortaPump Junior is a commercial grade pump that will fit on any brand of string trimmer or brush cutter.  Made with a cast aluminum housing and impeller, the PortaPump Junior quickly transforms any string trimmer into a high speed water pump.  The upper sleeve fits over the shaft of the trimmer and is screwed securely in place. Then, all that is required for use is attaching a discharge hose.
  • Introducing the Power Rotary Scissors by Idech. This is a powerful attachment for most any brand of straight shaft trimmer or brush cutter. It is easy to attach and maintain.
  • The H­­over Trimmer is suitable for both the commercial and domestic markets. Thanks to its hovering technology, back strains and pulled muscles are a thing of the past. A cushion of air allows the Hover Trimmer to literally glide through tough work effortlessly. The entire unit becomes almost weightless, making it easy to maneuver and operate. String trimmers cut smaller areas, require constant string replacement, and leave clippings behind. But the Hover Trimmer takes a fraction of the time to cut a larger area, doesn’t require blade replacing and mulches the clippings into small particle fertilizer for your yard, leaving nothing behind to be raked up. The Hover Trimmer fits most gas-powered string trimmer shafts without the use of special tools; however, the Pro Series does require at least a 28cc engine to perform well. It fits onto the stick part are your string-line edger, and allows the operator to cut a large area of ground with less effort and fuel consumption. APPLICATIONS: slopes, water banks, walkways, gravel pathways, high-grass and thick-weeded areas, shrubbery. Reeds, small bamboo, and thick brush are not a problem!
  • Commercial Grade Spreaders and Sprayers

    Superior lawn care starts with Spyker—a company with a keen focus of producing products of unsurpassed quality, performance and versatility. Spyker has excelled in providing customers with a product that is built to outperform and built to outlast. With a focus on everyday demands of a commercial lawn care product, Spyker has put their products to the test and proved their dependability. Having a rich history that reflects the knowledge and experience in the commercial lawn care industry, Spyker (founded in 1868) is noted for a tradition of excellence. Rate Gate Setting Chart: Take how much a bag weighs times 1000 divide by how much it will cover to obtain your Spyker rate gate setting. EXAMPLES 50 lb. bag times 1000 = 50,000 - 50lb. bag times 1000 = 50,000 Bag will cover 10,000 sq. ft. - Bag will cover 8,000 sq. ft. 50,000 divided by 10,000 = 5 - 50,000 divided by 8,000 = 6.25 Your rate gate setting is 5 - Your rate gate setting is 6.25
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