“We are using 6″-7″x 8 ft. treated round posts and driving them in 3 ft. at 7’10” apart. We anticipate to complete over 4 miles of fencing. We have been tracking time and are currently driving around 25-30 posts per hour on straight runs and 20 post per hour in radius turns.”

-Kevin McIntyre

“I have owned the Atom Deluxe Lawn Edger with the Honda GX25 engine for over 4 years. I have done nothing but gas it up and change the oil regularly. It runs like a charm. Very fuel efficient and powerful! Highly recommended. Many of the lawn services working in my neighborhood ask me where I bought it. It works much better than a string edger.”

-Bill Durante

“The F-15 brings the two-stroke engine back to hover mowers! It has consistent performance for all angle mowing.”

-Superintendent Magazine (February 2015)

“We used the PortaPump Junior in some bunkers today for the first time as we prepped the course for a qualifying tournament for the Indiana Amateur. It did a fine job. It is nice to know we will have this unit available for future events.”

~Chris Thuer (Bear Slide Golf Club)

“I found the right mower, and it was easy to get it through Seago. I like it first for its ability to handle rough cutting with authority, and second for being a utility mower that also gives a fine finish cut at 1″ as you can see. It really flings clippings, but the guard plate will deflect potential projectiles to ground. I expect long life from the iron-bore engine, and it’s easy to keep the deck clean.

Having used a variety of commercial units, this time I wanted something with a simple design and a high quality finish. The Masport 800 Utility is perfect. Thanks for carrying it.”

~Tom Chappell (Durham, NC)

“I had a local shop remove the couplers from the ends of the hydraulic hoses on the post driver, and replace them with ones that match up with those on the Bobcat. I used it to drive in about 160 posts today, with the help of my son and son-in-law. We were driving 8’ 4” posts, 2’ into the ground, which was quite soft due to all the rain we’ve been having. Despite that it still worked great. Still perfecting the technique that results in a straight/vertical post.”

~Fred Bassette

“Kevin the operator told him the machine floats better than their old Allen hover mowers – especially on the flats. We did bunker noses and it really looks great. We got the Hi-Lift kit and it snapped right in place and is great – no holes to drill. We really like it a lot.”

~Jeff (Mechanic at Crested Butte Country Club, Colorado)

“We picked up a fleet of Air Force hover mowers that were made by Seago. By far the best that I have ever used. The Air Force hover mowers have the metal blades with the operator bail. They also have height adjustment rings which is nice.”

~Chris Hickman (Superintendent of Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort Larchwood, Iowa)

“Our guys always grab the Air Force Hover Mower because it floats the best!”

~ Mike (Beverly Country Club)

“Seago Cart Path Edger, gets the tough job done cleaner, faster, better and more efficient. With a lot of edging to do, I always dreaded the dirt shower and awkwardness of using a string trimmer to do the job. The cart Path Edgers runs on a wheel and doesn’t need to be carried when in use. The metal blades cut with more authority than the line on a trimmer and last far longer without needing maintenance. It’s operator is fully shielded from flying rocks and debris. And best of all, the time the edging job requires is reduced significantly, because it operates much faster than a sting trimmer. There is no comparison, try a Cart Path Edger, you will not regret it!”

~Don Davis

“The Hover Trimmer, with hovering technology, glides through work while preventing back strains and pulled muscles.”

~Superintendent Magazine (August 2013)

“This machine is a little workhorse! It cut through a 30 foot x 20 foot area overgrown with thick bushes and vines with no problem. The job took about forty-five minutes with little effort and no strain on my back.”

~John F. (Durham, NC)

“The rest of the world is missing a great machine if they have not tried one of these. The weight distribution makes the balance of the machine work so well. There was no bounce or strain on the machine, and I was able to go easily between plants throughout the garden.

If anyone has any questions regarding how well this machine works, just have them drop me a line.

Some will say it’s a little pricey, but for the work it is intended for, it’s a bargain. Personally, as I have about 2.5 acres of garden, this tiller will be a blessing as I feel my time is worth quite a bit. Thanks for the great service and for having the foresight to offer this machine.”

~ Tony H. (Knoxville, TN)


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