2022 Equipment Changes


The NEW F-19 Gen 3, we have taken everything we have learned from our customers and over 30 years of distributing and building hover mowers and put it into a machine. The changes to this machine are in key areas that will improve performance and durability. The F-19 Gen 3 is much lighter and now stronger than ever. The new Nylon Injected Polymer deck will is flexible and tough. The new Ducar engine is light yet powerful and increased air flow means this machine will be easier on your team.

Masport Rotarola is back in stock!

M800 Utility & M800 ST SP mowers are no longer available.

F-15 GEN 3

Air Force re-vamped the F-15 from top to bottom in 2021. First, we have redesigned and strengthened the deck now using a nylon injected polymer for 3X durability. In addition, Air Force has improved the engine with a beefed up recoil starter and double tall air filter. Finally, we have added a carrying handle and strengthened the shut off handle mechanism. No part of the F-15 has been overlooked and we have made the Gen 3 machine the best model yet.

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