Air Force Hover Mower F-19 Gen3

The NEW F-19 Gen 3, we have taken everything we have learned from our customers and over 30 years of distributing and building hover mowers and put it into a machine.   The changes to this machine are in key areas that will improve performance and durability.  The F-19 Gen 3 is much lighter and now stronger than ever.  The new Nylon Injected Polymer deck will is flexible and tough.  The new Ducar engine is light yet powerful and increased air flow means this machine will be easier on your team.  This 19 inch Air Force Hover Mower was designed based on a simple manufacturing principle – when you use the best materials, the most advanced engineering, and manufacturing techniques available, the product will be the best on the market. That is what makes Air Force Hover Mowers fly above the competition.

As always, Air Force offers the most blade options on the market and it is backed by a one-year limited warranty. Air Force Hover Mowers not only maximize the value of your investment in your equipment, it also efficiently maximizes the time and effort put into your turf care needs.

** Please note: the AF1213 deck is no longer available.  Use part number AF1282 for the Gen3 deck, that comes with a mount for the Honda engine.**


NEW Features

  1. Padded handles for comfort.
  2. Positive pressure grip keeps OPC locked in place.
  3. 53 handle for maximum reach.
  4. Heavy gauge steel handles.
  5. Double tall air filter.
  6. Extra thick handle mounts are set low & wide for better stability.
  7. Nylon injected Polymer deck
  8. 14″ Impeller for increased lift
  • Engine:  The new power for the F-19 Gen 3 will be a 150cc 4-stroke engine by Ducar.  It is almost 8 lbs. lighter than the previous Honda engine with a lower Center of Gravity.  This motor has been extensively tested for over two years with great results.  It runs cooler than the previous Honda engine and has a much larger air filter as well.
  • Deck:  The success we have seen with the deck change to the F-15 Gen 3 has shown us that the injection molded Nylon Polymer is 2-3 times stronger than the previous ABS decks.  Also, by elimination the separate engine frame, we are able to increase the deck to engine gap and that promotes more air flow through the mower providing increased float and cutting power.
  • Remaining Mower: There is also a new impeller and drive hub with the Gen 3.  The blade systems, spacers, spigot, handles, Hi-Lift Kit will all stay the same and cross over from the older F-19 models.   Those part numbers have not changed so ordering between the two models should be easy to handle.
  • Cutting Height: From ¾ inches to 2 ½ inches with spacers provided.  From 2 ½ inches to 3 ¾ inches with high lift kit.

Hi-Lift kit

The Hi-Lift Kit for the Air Force Hover Mower F-19 is a tool free attachment that will raise the maximum height of cut from 2 ½ inches to 3 ¾ inches.  This kit features a multi-point clip system that holds the kit securely to the deck.  These clips make the Hi-Lift kit easy to attach for use and easy to take off for cleaning or lowering the mowing. The Hi-Lift kit fits any F-19 machine.  In addition, this Hi-Lift kit was designed with a high interior wall to form fit against the inside of the deck to maintain air flow and lift.  Finally, the structural supports are molded into the kit so there are no additional pieces required to attach this kit to the deck.
Other models on the market require drilling holes in the deck and/or additional parts and spacers to keep it in place, Air Force’s new Hi-Lift kit is all one piece and arrives ready to attach in literally seconds.  The Hi-Lift Kit for the Air Force F-19 is part number AF1250.

Blade Options

Stainless Steel (standard)

Quick Change Blades

Flex Blades



Gen 3 Owners, Parts and Engine Manual

Starting serial number AF19-16270

Airforce Gen3 Manual

New Handle Style

Starting serial number AF19-14900


Original Handle Style

Starting serial number AF19-13000

Airforce f192

Honda GCV-160 Engine

Fits F19 Original and New Handle Styles ONLY




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