Mini/Midi/Maxi Postmaster Post Driver

Mini/Midi/Maxi Postmaster Post Driver — Selling direct only at this time, please call for information

This unit is designed for use on small excavators with a standard double acting circuit and can withstand back pressure up to 30BAR.

The Mini-Postmaster fits directly to the bucket pins and only requires 2 hoses for operation. These hoses fit the standard couplers. The unit has a hydraulic post clamp, this allows the post to be clamped for installation and/or withdrawal. The jaws can be opened and closed by applying forward or reverse flow.

For extra accuracy, it can also be mast mounted on 2.5T – 3T excavators. The MPM series vibrators represent the use of the latest manufacturing techniques to produce affordable machines for smaller-scale users.

The advantage of vibrating the posts into the ground with the Mini Postmaster offers a quicker and more accurate solution than the use of a falling weight. A pilot hole will allow larger posts to be driven, e.g. gateposts, and smaller posts can be driven in rocky soils. The posts are able to take full load immediately and there is the added benefit that they can be quickly removed if necessary.



  • Twin shaft, post driving vibrator for 1.5 – 3 tonne mini diggers and small skid steer loaders
  • Quieter
  • Safer in operation
  • Improved accuracy
  • Posts can be extracted and/or repositioned
  • Fully enclosed transmission – shaft and gears are fully covered.
Postmaster Post Driver