Atom Pro Cart Path Edger

The Atom Professional Cart Path Edger is a highly maneuverable, incredibly fast and easy to use edger designed and built by the leading edger manufacturer in Australia. Armed with a powerful, full crank, commercial 35cc 4-stroke Honda engine, the Atom Edger is powerful enough to tackle even the most overgrown areas in just one pass. Built to commercial standards and using through hardened spring steel blades, the Atom Professional Cart Path Edger is a very durable, time saving machine.

Speed, control and safety are why the Atom Professional Cart Path Edger is so impressive. The patented overlapping 4-blade cutting system combined with the powerful engine gives the Atom Edger unprecendented speed – 90% faster than traditional edgers. Also, the unique wheelbarrow design also makes the Atom incredibly maneuverable. Finally, the Safety Throttle Interlock, fully enclosed blade guard and debris deflector make the Atom the safest edger on the market.



  1. Safety Throttle Interlock with 1/2 Throttle Lock for Easy Starting & Finger Tip On/Off Ignition Switch.
  2. Powerful 35cc Honda Durable Full Crank Commercial Engine.
  3. Reinforced Super Strength Polyamid Casting.
  4. Anti-Vibration System.
  5. 6 Position Height Adjustment.
  6. Sight Guide for Safety and Accuracy.
  7. Cross-Brace for Extra Stability.
  8. Comfortable Bio-Rubber Grips.
  9. Strong Steel Handles.
  10. Heavy Duty Automatic Clutch.
  11. Fully Enclosed Solid Steel 12mm Precision Ground Transmission Shaft.
  12. Large 150mm (6”) Rubber Wheel with Axle Seals.
  13. Debris Deflector.
  14. 4-Blade Cutting System, Longest 271mm (10 2/3”) Hardened Spring Steel Blades for Smoother Operation. Long Life and Neater Cutting. (Patented).
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